Users facing Content Delivery issues or Access Blocking can now select between 4 Channels of delivery. We were forced to reduce the Channels from 6 due to some changes in the Content Delivery Network setup.

We’ve also modified the loading mechanism for videos. Hence pages should load faster, and the Time-To-Start should be less.

Custom selection of video channel

In the effort to enable 100% of our users to be able to access the content on TorahAnytime.com (whatever their network, browser, filter and ISP configuration is), we have enabled 6 channels of failover for video. Based on 2-3 weeks of statistics, 3700+ users have been able to watch 8300 + lectures.

Soon, users who are encountering non-optimal viewing experiences via the auto-channel settings will be able to manually switch and try out the performance of the other channels.

Stay tuned!

HTTP/2 upgrade for faster delivery

Together with moving the entire site to HTTPS, we have also upgraded the web server, as well as the protocol to HTTP/2, or also known as H2. Most modern browsers already support the H2 protocol. This translates to:

  1. Faster page loads on browser that support H2
  2. Less bandwidth consumption

Moving to HTTPS

In our efforts to bring the content to you in the a faster and safer way, we are making changes across all our servers and services to use only HTTPS connections. This includes an App update that is in the works, and hopefully in a couple of weeks, TorahAnytime.com will be completely and solely on HTTPS. Our website will be served using the HTTP/2 protocol, with fallback to older protocols.

This benefits our users in several ways:

  1. Enhance security for logins and profile updates
  2. Increased page load speeds with browsers that support the HTTP/2 protocol

Stay tuned for more!

Website Backend Migrations

We are currently undergoing migration of backend services, both with our server platform as well as our Content Delivery Network. These changes will allow us to:

  1. Dramatically reduce operational cost
  2. Increase serviceability and rate of updates/bug fixes
  3. Increase website load capacity
  4. Reduce dependencies
  5. Enable viewing of ALL content as long as one is able to reach www.torahanytime.com

During the upgrade several other improvements can be expected such as:

  1. Increased webpage loading speed
  2. Reduced duration of Intro/Outro to 5 secs each
  3. Auto Save & Resume classes for logged in users across devices.
  4. Faster downloads
  5. Responsive technical support

These and many other features coming your way… Stay tuned!


Finally, a central place to keep in touch with all things happening on TorahAnytime.com! For a start, we will have constant updates in these Sections:

  1. Tech Updates
  2. TorahAny Times (excerpts)

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